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Design Solutions by CrazyKoders

With our 7 years of experience, we have designed numerous web applications. Our great expertise in designing User Interface helps our client to get more attraction on web. We provide pixel perfect quality in graphics and complete browser compatibility on front end.

HTML5 + CSS3 Development

A good design should be implemented in a good way so that all the good aspect will come in front of user. Here at Crazykoders, we write clean HTML5 + CSS code as per the web standards. And help our customers to achieve pixel perfect quality.

Responsive Design

We must say that its important for every website to be responsive these days. Because A website restricted to just one device won’t let you anywhere. And this is the reason behind the erergence of responsive designs.It allows your websites to be fully compatibile with all screen sizes like mobile, tablet, laptop and mac.

We have been a consistent provider of high quality, user-friendly and latest design websites to our clients. Like every successful business, we also started from scratch, but with our spirit to keep learning we managed to emerge as leaders in the field.

Custom Animations

With our great expertise in jQuery, CSS3 and Ajax, we can create custom animations to give a beautiful touch to your websites. It also makes the website looking more attractive and user friendly.

UI Design

UI stands for the User Interface design. A website or mobile app with good UI design can attract more users as compared to design less websites. So its must to have a nice user interface which should be user friendly too. At CrazyKoders we love to design websites, mobile apps and desktop based applications. With our strong grip on photoshop and abode illustrator we can give a new face to your product.

Logo & Banner Design

A logo represent your brand, so it should be attractive yet simple to understand.
Every great business brands itself with a unique logo design. People recognize your business more easily through a perfectly crafted business logo.

Companies like Apple, KFC, Coca Cola or NIKE are the perfect examples of it. They have easy to recognize or catchy logo designs describing their business objectives to perfection.
At CrazyKoders, we can create the complete Brand Identity for your product.

Graphic Design

Graphic desinging includes the infograph designing and illustrations. They are used mostly for advertisement material and brand representation. We provide high quality print ready graphic design services, so you can use the graphics on your website and can also print them for banners and brochures.

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Mobile App Design

Having a mobile app for your product can boost your sales. 65% of online users prefer to use mobile app instead of mobile websites. And for a successfull mobile app, its must to have a good user interface. A slick design is what keeps users coming back for more. Let's talk and make that happen.

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